A pleasant success for O’ for Heaven’s Cake N More

Not very long ago Cheryl Randel and Karlyne Kovar had opened their business “O’ for Heaven’s Cake n More” in the Grand Cities Mall.  I have to admit, I love bakeries. I grew up with a family of bakers, and enjoy spending time making goodies at home as well. So when I was walking around the Grand Cities Mall and stumbled on the bakery, I was pleasantly surprised.  I had tried a cupcake and it was delicious, then ordered 4 more to take home for my little ones. This little visit became more and more frequent. I have never had a poor experience with these lovely ladies at O’ for Heaven’s Cake n More.

I admire these women for their diligence and great work even in the tight quarters they operated in. While I bake in my home for my own amusement, I run out of space rather quickly. These ladies, this is their living.  I’ve had the opportunity to work with these ladies, ordering & purchasing cakes for events from O’ For Heaven’s Cake n More, and the products always have been a success.  So I was very excited to hear that in December, Cheryl and Karlyne had submitted a Renaissance Zone project application for the lease of approximately 4,338 square feet in the Grand Cities Mall. The proposal is to continue to operate “O for Heaven’s Cake N More” in a larger space. By making the move into a new space within the mall, they are hoping to appeal to a broader customer base than they currently have.

I peaked in quickly today to check out the progress. Their doors open in the new space in the Grand Cities Mall, which was once the Vintner’s Cellar then the Urban Loft Designs. The space will most certainly be helpful for the demands of their loyal and new customers. It will also allow more space for consultations for larger orders. When I came to with the crew well,  there was Cheryl, Karlyne and family helping them out so that they can be open in time tomorrow. And we were delighted that they had cupcakes! YUMMM.

Not only do these ladies make delicious baked goods, they also make soup and sandwiches to go. There is an open seating area in the Grand Cities Mall for you to take these goods and enjoy, or they can pack them up for you to be on your way.  Just don’t forget to splurge on a cupcake, I still can’t get that sweet citrusy Mandarin Orange Cupcake nor the Lemon Meringue Cupcake out of my mind!

Good Luck to O’ For Heaven’s Cake n More on their new endeavors, congratulations on their success! The consistency in product and value in customers has certainly gone great lengths!

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A fan of the Honey Chicken here at Phoenix.

Diary of a Grand Forks Foodie

There’s an interesting obsession with Chinese food in Grand Forks.

Drive down Washington Avenue and you’ll see a plethora of Mexican restaurants. Drive down Columbia, and you’ll find Chinese.

One of those restaurants is Phoenix Wok & Grill. It was time to eat late on a Friday night and I decided to check out Fuji, the new Japanese hibachi grill on Washington.

The wait was 45 minutes.

So I headed off to plan B, Phoenix.

It was oddly quiet compared to the hustle and bustle of Fuji, being a Friday night (and a UND hockey night, nonetheless), I expected a large gathering of people in almost every restaurant I went to. No, Phoenix had a whopping 12 customers.

The décor was interesting, not unlike a typical Chinese restaurant you’ll find in any town. The TV’s on the wall playing various sports and cable news were rather distracting for a Friday night dinner service.

The food:

Beef consume soup.

The soup came…

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Sharing others feedback

I have utilized Facebook in somewhat of a replacement to blogging. Writing takes a lot of time, and I don’t feel that I’m all that creative with words. In the last two months, I had seen a 300% increase in traffic on the Facebook page. Many fellow consumers are sharing their experiences, asking questions, offering answers, just in general getting dialogue going on Facebook.  (facebook.com/grandforksfoodie)

I’m going to share some of the information I’ve gathered from Facebook. Here are some examples of the others feedback that have been given regarding Fuji:

“I sat in a booth for dinner, so didn’t see the “show.” Staff was nice, but was disappointed w/the meal. Ice cold sake, lukewarm rice, limp salmon teriyaki. Although we did get a free shrimp tempura that was incorrectly delivered to our table. I don’t plan on going back.”

“So I went… overall, it was ok for being new. However, the soup was cold, my tea was cold, and the waitress that we had seems to not care about us at all. What made everything ok, was the owner or manager greeted us at our table and thanked us for coming in. He then came by to get feedback. That makes all the difference to me! The sushi quality was great! I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to sushi, so I don’t care for the tempura crumbs that are sometimes added to sushi. Kobes in Fargo does that and so does Fuji. So, I guess I will just ask for that to be left out. The atmosphere in there is wonderful though! More comfortable and homey feeling than Little Bangkok. I will definitely go again!”

“We just went. I had the griddle steak/chicken combo ($21), my son had a spicy salmon sushi roll ($13). He said the sushi roll was very good, slightly better than the Thai place in EGF where we usually get sushi. The meat was cooked perfect, sauces were good. If you’ve been to one of these before, most of the griddle humor is the same… but it’s fun to watch. I’d say don’t volunteer to try to catch the broccoli- warm broccoli in the eye is no fun, and our chef was a bad pitch. The fried rice was good, as were the side sauces. I had enough left over to take home a second meal. The manager came over as we finished and asked us our honest opinion about the show, seemed like a nice guy. I hope the restaurant makes it.”

“We went last night, very excited to take in some of the fun that surrounded us. I’m not sure if our chef was tired or what, but he didn’t do much to make the experience fun and interactive. I’d say he was there for about 1/2 the time that others were “entertained” by their chefs. One person at our table got her drink 40 minutes after ordering it (and while we were waiting for our TABS to come), and their sushi roll never did make it. A server sensed our immense disappointment and offered to help improve the night by giving us saki bombs. It was a fun 20 seconds of entertainment… until we got the bill and discovered he tried to charge us all for the shots “he gave us to make up for it.” The manager comped all the drinks after I politely asked about it… we were pretty disappointed. I’m hoping it was a RARE (aka ONE TIME) experience. The good news is that we were in the great company of each other, everyone around us was having fun and the food was very tasty.”

“”New Fuji resturant in Grand Forks – Five stars. Superb Japanese food and attentive staff. Four of us lunched here today and amazed at the low cost and ample fare.””

Carnivorous cravings brought us to Bronze Boot

Unexpectedly, a friend of mine and I decided to try out Bronzed Boot yesterday. It had been on my mind because of a little coupon book that I had purchased from my child’s school…and my friend was wanting steak. I had been to Bronze Boot maybe 12 years ago, the food was great but I hadn’t been back since then. I’m not entirely sure why, I suppose it’s just because we’re so accustomed to constant advertising by other restaurants, that it was put on the back burner.

I was honestly a little worried that because it was getting later in the evening, thinking that the host/ess and other staff may be annoyed with such late customers. It was around 8:30 when we walked in, the hostess quickly and happily greeted us, bringing us to a table.

The restaurant itself is fairly old I believe it’s over 50 years old. If one hasn’t been to Bronze Boot before, you’ll quickly realize that it has been around for a while. The décor is fairly old but has a lot of charm because of the older knick knacks that we no longer see. (Maybe at Grandma’s house or an old antique shop)

As soon as we were seated, the waitress greeted us with a basket of different breads.  The bartender came up to us asking if he could take our drink order. We decided to split a bottle of Malbec, which was surprisingly priced at $14.00. How often do we go to a restaurant or bar and find a bottle of wine priced at $14? Usually you’ll see these bottles starting at $20. We asked his recommendations, and had taken the time to recommend several choices on the menu.

Our waitress returned, who was incredibly nice, I almost felt like she was an aunt of mine happy to see me. She had taken our orders. We had started out with Onion Rings using one of my coupons I was eager to use. I had ordered the 8 oz Top Sirloin, which was the smallest steak on the menu. With the steak, it started with a soup, salad, then a choice of potato. I had also added a side of grilled vegetables. The French Onion soup came out, it was delicious, while I’m accustomed to cheese on top of the soup, which this didn’t have, it was a non-issue.  I began dipping the onion rings in the soup just to keep up with the abundance of food. Soon my spinach salad had come out, which had a light sweet dressing on it and bacon bits. Yummy.

I was already commenting how I was getting full with all the food and we still had our main entrée to come out. Then, there was my medium sirloin steak in front of me, the very large baked potato and my vegetables. The waitress brought a tray of baked potato toppings which included sour cream, bacon bits and shredded cheese. There was so much food on our table that I was not sure where to begin. After I decorated the baked potato I cut into the steak. It was cooked perfectly.  Both the bartender and the waitress attentively came back to our table to be sure everything was going well. And it was.  My date for the night was also very happy with her order just as much as I was.

Between the good conversation and all the food, we were the last patrons for the evening.  I was able to observe the staff all quickly worked together cleaning up the dining areas, resetting the tables for the following morning. It was all quite harmonious to watch how the staff appeared to enjoy their jobs, taking pride in the appearance of each table. The linen napkins neatly folded placed on top of the paper placemats added a corky charm that I miss seeing.

Eventually, I gave up, there was no way I could finish all the food that was before me so I asked the waitress for a take-out box and the check. She quickly came back with both items, reassuring that there was no hurry in the now empty restaurant.

We gathered up our food, finished the last of the wine, and paid our check. The staff all wished me a good night as I walked away.

I was beyond impressed with the customer service at Bronze Boot along with the food. It also made me long for Jeanie’s restaurant for some reason. I definitely look forward to returning, and certainly hope that it’ll leave the same impression on who ever may be my company to enjoy the food.

Wait and Waiting – It was a theme at Fuji

Typically, my rule of thumb for any new restaurant is to wait at least one month minimally before taking it for a test drive. This is more particular to chain restaurants, but by the third month, a more privately run restaurant should have figured out the kinks, and have listened to what the general public thinks. I also believe that patrons can be rather unforgiving on that first impression, so regardless, the entire restaurant staff and management need to be on their toes, ready for whatever may come their way.

This last week I have heard so much mixed reviews, whether rave or poor, I really wanted to check it out the new Fuji Japanese Seafood & Steakhouse establishment. To be clearly honest, I was terribly excited for an addition to the ethnic foods here in Grand Forks. I do enjoy my pizzas, burgers, and the occasional pasta, but unfortunately I was a tad bit spoiled trying new cuisines in bigger cities. So I was ready for this.

Our small group of friends and my little one had made reservations for 7:30 pm. We arrived at 7:20, the waiting area was full, as was the bar. The hostesses were clearly overwhelmed with the big crowd.  The appearance of the restaurant is great. The only critiques of the space is the waiting area could have been slightly bigger, or more chairs, along with a coat check. With food and liquid getting flung around, no one wants to get their jackets dirty. I did notice a lot of coats dragging on the floors that were hung over the customers chairs.

As we waited 45 minutes passed the reservation with no place to sit, we “people watched.”  Having a four year old standing for that long got to be a little frustrating, fortunately she was quite entertained watching the flames up in the air and the Saki shots.

Once the tables before us left, the space cleaned up, we sat around the iron grill anticipating a fun show. We were given menus and the waitress walked away for quite some time. After standing for 45 minutes, we were parched (and hungry).  Eventually the waitress returned taking our drink order and walked off again, but within the spare time from being seated to taking the drink order, we were also ready to order our food.  We waited about 20 minutes before some of the beverages came out. Now, I’ve worked in the food industry, and anyone that has worked in the business knows that you make the most money off of liquor and appetizers.  It was 30 minutes before my glass of wine finally was served. And that was that. No more drinks came out for the rest of the evening. Our waitress was nearby without looking at our direction. The waitress’s intense gaze could only be assumed that she was having problems with the computer software for the food. Again, if you’ve been out in the food business, some of these restaurant software programs are ridiculously complex.

Many ordered from the teppanyaki menu, however our little pint sized guest anxiously ordered the Shrimp Tempura Sushi Roll.  A few other of our guests ordered sushi as a side as well. In the down time of waiting for our food, we continued to watch the fellow patrons at different grills and the entertainment happening in front of them.

Our Chef, Simon, came out with a cart full of our goodies for the night. He instantly came out with entertaining us, recognizing a few of the returned customers that we were with. As he began, our mushroom soup came out. Yum, I was famished, as was the little one with us. So we quickly began sipping on the soup, which wasn’t filled with much flavor. It was a clear chicken broth with scallions and sliced mushrooms. This is in comparison to the over salted soups we are all accustomed to though. However, I wonder if the intense crowd of people may have caused the flavorless warm soup.

The Chef was very quick; the rice came out on to our plates, so I tossed some into the soup which was a smart choice.  Although Fuji has a strict no share policy, my little one was terribly hungry, and her sushi did not come out, although at this point it was 30 minutes past her order being placed. So I put a little bit of rice on her plate… It made me wonder if it is why the chef bypassed me when he refilled the plates with the extra rice. We at this point tried looking out for our waitress again, who was MIA. Most drinks needed refilling, we were wondering where the Sushi was, the other couples in our group did receive theirs and the sushi should have been the first item out.

We continued on to watch Chef Simon entertain us with the food, including the Volcano Onion.  As the properly cooked Medium steak made its way onto my plate, I slipped a few more bites to my little one. I was very impressed that the steak came out as I ordered it, as steaks often don’t.  It didn’t offer much flavor but the steak itself was so good, that it didn’t necessarily need anything. Just from my experiences at places like Ichiban (Winnipeg) and the International Stir Fry (closed in Bismarck), I was use to the Chef’s adding more to the meat. I noticed the guests I was with were not eating their food as quickly as I was. So I started to slow down a bit.

Still waiting for the sushi, we asked the waitress, who said she’d go get it… and didn’t return. The rest of our food was served, my shrimp was slightly over cooked, and the vegetables were most definitely over cooked. (It was still delicious however a slight crisp to vegetables is always a good thing) Suddenly two plates came before each person; one was a type of mayonnaise dressing as well as a sesame ginger dipping sauce. Then the repeated customers started enjoying their food.  Then it dawned on me why the meat may have been a little blander than I had anticipated.  Chef Simon had bid his farewell saying he’d go check on our little one’s sushi. Who became resistant to eating our food because she waited all day for the Sushi.

Again, the sushi still had not made its way out. So at this point, my husband actually walked back to the kitchen and asked for the sushi. He returned a few minutes later with the sushi. Its presentation was spot on. I noticed the roll itself was smaller than what we’re accustomed to with Little Bangkok. My daughter ate a few pieces but by then was too tired. (It was close to 9:30) I did have a taste and thought by far the sushi at Little Bangkok had one up on Fuji. Yet the other friends said that the sushi they had was terrific.

We were finished, waited for our tickets, which also took a while. In conversations with three other people, I do believe that the Software program is what may be stalling the wait staff. Each person noted how long it had taken to get their tickets in these prior conversations. This may be why it took so long for us to be seated originally. So hopefully with more experience, the staff can get one group out more efficiently and seat their customers quicker.

The group consistently would ask what I was going to write. In fact they thought I was outraged, which I was not terribly upset. This just reaffirmed my rule. WAIT a MINIMUM of ONE MONTH (up to three months) for the newer establishments. With that said, our waitress did not refill drinks, check on us, nor did not make a young child on a late night her priority when everyone else has been fed… well that’s not okay. As we left, my husband discussed this with the Manager, John Cho, who was very apologetic. (And before the night began I did talk quickly about it was amazing what a full house he had in such a large restaurant— he didn’t expect it either) So I most certainly think these things are forgiving… but is each patron as forgiving and understanding? Not necessarily.

I also wonder if the one concentrated area of Demers can handle Fuji, Drunken Noodle and Little Bangkok, only time will tell. The entertainment was fun, though other repeated customers said that it was the same act each time, so this will be another thing to work on for the knife tossing Chefs. (What an amazing thing to watch—and a dangerous job to have!)

I do plan to go back, just maybe not so soon. I’m very enthusiastic and optimistic for this restaurant.  They definitely need to be aware of vices to be brought to their attention, so that they can work on them.  John most certainly needs supervising staff to oversee the different sections and monitor wait staff.   We want return customers, but customer service and food quality needs to be improved if the teppanyaki menu starts at $20 per person and on up. That can get quite expensive for repeat customers. To the defense of the waitress, I was told she was very attentive on a patron’s last visit but they noted how it was maybe 1/3 full.

Good luck to Fuji Japanese Seafood and Steakhouse! Give it a try, but if you have high expectations, perhaps wait another month, or you may possibly be waiting to be seated, waiting to receive drinks, waiting for food, and waiting to pay!

Two Words That Harmoniously Work into One, Cheesecake!

Sanders 1907 has been around for 29 years. With reason of course. They know what it is to not only make great food (and cocktails), they excel in service as well.

I admit Sanders isn’t a place I frequent on a regular basis. We often would save it for special occasions. Then I realized, I don’t have to go there expecting to have a full course meal each time I visit. (Although I wish that were the case) Sanders is a great place to have cocktails, appetizers, desserts, and of course entrees in combination, or alone. This past month I have gone TWICE particularly for a drink AND dessert.

I have had the pleasure of trying the Almond Joy Cheesecake a few weeks ago. When I hear of chocolate with cheesecake, I can get nervous, for whatever reason, I don’t like chocolate mixed with the cream cheese filling, I prefer it in the crust or drizzled on top. So to my delight, the crust was a chocolate cookie crust, with almond, coconut on the bottom, then classic cheesecake filling, and finally on top, another layer of chocolate, almonds and coconut.  The presentation of the cheesecake was beautiful also. Clearly pride was taken into that weeks Dessert Special. The plate was garnished lightly with whipped cream, and a light drizzle of chocolate sauce. The chocolate was very rich, as well as the coconut. It was simply pure heaven.

My food companion wasn’t as delighted on the dessert. His reason was that he’s not a coconut fan, and felt it was a bit heavy on that side. I did have to point out the name of the dessert was called Almond Joy, after the candy bar. Which he then pointed out, he never had an Almond Joy. This guy is lucky to have me as a friend, he’s learning a lot about food… but I need to make a note to buy him an Almond Joy candy bar, for the sake of saying he’s had one.

We had shared a bottle of red wine, a Malbec. Which went really well with the chocolaty goodness that was bestowed in front of us. Despite the friend saying he didn’t like coconut, I couldn’t help but notice that his plate was clean!

A few weeks later, we visited an event that had a variety of finger foods to sample on. Unfortunately the event was a huge success on our part, because we couldn’t feast on the delicious food catered by the North Dakota Museum of Art.  So my food companion, my life companion and I decided to go have a cocktail and something to eat at Sanders once again.

We were welcomed into Sanders, I noticed it was unusually quiet again. I have began to wonder what are the busy nights, since my last visit was a Saturday, and it was very isolated that night as well. We quickly agreed we wanted dessert, as we only had a short amount of time to be there. As we waited to be seated, we ordered a Mae West martini. Before ordering, I did have to ask, because in my little bartender book at home, I recall an egg being used. So I inquired what was all in it. This must be a new martini, it had a particular vodka, cranberry juice, amaretto and a splash of melon liqueur.  It was absolutely delicious, very sweet though, for anyone that doesn’t care for sweet drinks. It went down far too easily. Kudos to the bartender.

When we were seated, the bartender then hands us menus. We asked what the dessert special was, he replied, “Strawberry Almond Cheesecake.”  SOLD!!!  He then takes the bread on the table, the dishes, the water goblets. I almost felt like we were stripped away. But not to worry, we were in good company with great drinks.

The cheesecake took a little while to grace us with its spectacular presence. We all feasted with our eyes once again. The cake was marbleized with a strawberry puree throughout, with a huge amount of whipped cream as a garnish.  It looked delicious.  The first bite was just as good as it looked. The cheesecake was light, not at all heavy like you sometimes get at restaurants. The strawberry puree had a light flavor of coconut. Which was probably a bit of a relief, since the food companion that was with, not long ago mentioned he didn’t care for coconut. So this time it didn’t overpower the flavor of the strawberry, which itself was a light flavor too.

The whip cream that was piled on the plate looked delicious. But I was quickly disappointed, as it was purely whipped cream. It was not sweetened with sugar, as the last time we had visited. Nor did it have flavor added, such as a citrus zest or a splash of vanilla or almond.  So I moved back onto the cheesecake. It was simply wonderful. There was not a hint of regret ordering this Dessert Special. The only regret was, as I took the last bite, I said, “oh no! My blog!” Realizing yet again, I didn’t document by photographing the food in front of me. Soon, soon, I promise, I will order something, and remember to photograph it!

If a person is looking for a little indulgence, but can’t necessarily afford it, whether it is time or money, Sanders is still affordable. The salads, appetizers and desserts are always a fun treat!

Finally I made it! Saturday Night at Amazing Grains!

After years of wanting to go, thanks to a neighbor who went monthly, I finally got myself on over to what is known as SNAG, or Saturday Night at Amazing Grains. My neighbor and her husband would go, have a blast, come back and rave about the foods. We were invited a few times, and every time, we were out of town. Thanks to the rise of fuel, we are very dormant! And now we get to discover many things here in Grand Forks! SNAG is a multi-course candlelight dinners served in the store after-hours. A person brings their own wine, no corking fee.  Cost is $30 + tax & tip per person.

Amazing Grains is the Grand Forks Food Coop, a natural foods market, deli and bakery, located on Demers Avenue. Over the years, I’d do grocery shopping, I enjoy the bulk items a person can get, without buying too much or too little. You get what you need. Amazing Grains is nestled downtown of Grand Forks, across from the Town Square. Granted the parking downtown isn’t convenient for our Grand Forks members, however, living and visiting larger cities, it isn’t entirely an inconvenience. A person probably walks further to get from the supercenter parking lots to the building than it would getting to Amazing Grains. I’m not trying to sell to my readers; it’s what I used to justify becoming a coop member a few years ago.

I also have to admit, I enjoy the sandwiches and soups that are served at lunch time. There was a time where I’d specifically go weekly for a particular item. In fact, I mentioned that in my last blog. I’ve been pleasantly surprised with all the sandwiches, even when I feared tofu. I never expected a Vegan Pepperoni sandwich to taste good, but yet I did go back for another one the next day.

A friend of ours made reservations for SNAG since I confessed how much I wanted to go and never remember. So last week, my husband and I joined our friends out for SNAG. I didn’t know what the theme was this time around, but I knew we’d be served Halibut for the entree.  As I ran errands prior to, I hurriedly grabbed a red wine, hoping it didn’t go badly with the fish, as most people would have a white wine with fish.

We get to Amazing Grains, there were several tables filled with customers. The tables were dressed with nice cotton linens linen napkins, simple fresh flowers and candles. The manager’s husband, which I didn’t catch his name, came out and described the meal, which was a Mexican theme. (Haha! Red wine was a great choice!) Now they definitely succeeded in understanding not to just throw all these subcultures into one general culture. They took the time to focus on particular area, which was Central America. I was very intrigued by the description of what was to be served. After we were told about our upcoming experience, several condiments came to our table. Fresh salsa, marinated onions, and mole sauce were the ones I favored and used repeatedly on the finger foods that were to come soon.

Our menu consisted of a series of well portioned foods. First we had a Pasilla Mushroom Taco, which was a corn soft shell tortilla. The filling was delicious, unfortunately the tortilla was steamed, which ended in my tortilla falling apart, resulting in the need of a fork. If they were to repeat this or something similar, my recommendation is a damp cloth or paper towel, then wrapping in tin foil, and sit in a warm oven. (I noticed only a couple others suffering from a soggy tortilla) Regardless, it was good. Then a Cilantro Lime Soup arrived, and it was absolutely delicious. It was so good, that we had hoped there was more. Unfortunately there wasn’t. So on to the next course, which was Sopes de Queso y Rajas. The Sopes itself were delicious, and the toppings only made it better. I could have had several of those as well. When the Drunken Beans came along, I quickly forgot about wanting another Sopes. (What’s Drunken Beans? Refried beans with Tequila!)  To kill time, and kill a course, we were served a salad, one that you’d get anywhere, with the exception of the Jicama.  Soon the main course came, Campeche Baked Halibut, served with a side of Achiote Rice. The fish was delicious, not at all dry but yet cooked well. Though, the salsa on top made it almost inedible to eat for me. While the salsa was delicious, the Habanero peppers were far too strong for this girl, along with a little bit too much cilantro. I made it through half of the fillet, and reluctantly had to quit. The rice was an excellent choice to serve with the entree.

After wiping my noise a few times, the fruit arrived. Which I was thankful for, it helped mellow out the burning happening on my tongue. (Which by the way, I happened to have dark chocolate in my purse, which also distinguished the fire in my mouth) Lastly the Chocolate Coffee Flan arrived, which was delicious as well. Flan is a dessert I enjoy, but don’t make often nor do I see it often on a menu.

This isn’t your ordinary night out, there’s something very special about the SNAG events. It’s quaint, modest, humble. For the amount of variety you get from the multi course meal, the price is certainly fair. To be honest it’s more than fair, knowing what the cook of the night gets paid, along with the cost of groceries that they use, it’s almost under priced. A larger city could certainly get by with charging more. The crowd is chatty if you’re wanting to be social, but if it’s a night where you’d like to have quiet conversation, you can get by with that too.

If one is looking for a unique experience, if one is getting “bored” or feeling restaurants are a bit redundant, I’d recommend giving a night out at Amazing Grains a try!   Seats can fill up rather fast, so I recommend calling soon!

The upcoming nights at Amazing Grains are:

May 14 – Arabian Night
Chef Heather SchneiderJune 5 – French
Chef Suzy Belyea

A+ for Creativity
B+ for Atmosphere
A- for Execution
A for Service!  🙂