Sharing others feedback

I have utilized Facebook in somewhat of a replacement to blogging. Writing takes a lot of time, and I don’t feel that I’m all that creative with words. In the last two months, I had seen a 300% increase in traffic on the Facebook page. Many fellow consumers are sharing their experiences, asking questions, offering answers, just in general getting dialogue going on Facebook.  (

I’m going to share some of the information I’ve gathered from Facebook. Here are some examples of the others feedback that have been given regarding Fuji:

“I sat in a booth for dinner, so didn’t see the “show.” Staff was nice, but was disappointed w/the meal. Ice cold sake, lukewarm rice, limp salmon teriyaki. Although we did get a free shrimp tempura that was incorrectly delivered to our table. I don’t plan on going back.”

“So I went… overall, it was ok for being new. However, the soup was cold, my tea was cold, and the waitress that we had seems to not care about us at all. What made everything ok, was the owner or manager greeted us at our table and thanked us for coming in. He then came by to get feedback. That makes all the difference to me! The sushi quality was great! I am more of a traditionalist when it comes to sushi, so I don’t care for the tempura crumbs that are sometimes added to sushi. Kobes in Fargo does that and so does Fuji. So, I guess I will just ask for that to be left out. The atmosphere in there is wonderful though! More comfortable and homey feeling than Little Bangkok. I will definitely go again!”

“We just went. I had the griddle steak/chicken combo ($21), my son had a spicy salmon sushi roll ($13). He said the sushi roll was very good, slightly better than the Thai place in EGF where we usually get sushi. The meat was cooked perfect, sauces were good. If you’ve been to one of these before, most of the griddle humor is the same… but it’s fun to watch. I’d say don’t volunteer to try to catch the broccoli- warm broccoli in the eye is no fun, and our chef was a bad pitch. The fried rice was good, as were the side sauces. I had enough left over to take home a second meal. The manager came over as we finished and asked us our honest opinion about the show, seemed like a nice guy. I hope the restaurant makes it.”

“We went last night, very excited to take in some of the fun that surrounded us. I’m not sure if our chef was tired or what, but he didn’t do much to make the experience fun and interactive. I’d say he was there for about 1/2 the time that others were “entertained” by their chefs. One person at our table got her drink 40 minutes after ordering it (and while we were waiting for our TABS to come), and their sushi roll never did make it. A server sensed our immense disappointment and offered to help improve the night by giving us saki bombs. It was a fun 20 seconds of entertainment… until we got the bill and discovered he tried to charge us all for the shots “he gave us to make up for it.” The manager comped all the drinks after I politely asked about it… we were pretty disappointed. I’m hoping it was a RARE (aka ONE TIME) experience. The good news is that we were in the great company of each other, everyone around us was having fun and the food was very tasty.”

“”New Fuji resturant in Grand Forks – Five stars. Superb Japanese food and attentive staff. Four of us lunched here today and amazed at the low cost and ample fare.””


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