Who is doing all the eating?

I’ve been a resident of Grand Forks for  twelve years. In that twelve years I’ve experienced the role as a customer from different perspectives, a college student, a young person dating, a married person dating their spouse, a parent, a friend, a business person; I’ve gone from having no budget to a budget that does allow for going out to eat from time to time.


In the Grand Forks area, I feel that perhaps not all those involved in the food industry take a real look at their demographics, as to who is coming to their establishments, and who returns to those establishments.  Many food chains are lucky because this is taken care of through headquarters, which is how they often succeed. Independent businesses are not as fortunate to have this done for them. Some do often take the time to look into this, however others seem that they’ve got it completely figured out based on what food, service, atmosphere that they would enjoy, not what would bring in the bacon. Pun intended.


We have seen many people try to break into the food industry here locally, and we’ve also seen many not do so well.  Then they often wonder, “why?”  I think that we as consumers owe that much to the businesses if we wish for them to survive.



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  1. Posted by jenieats on January 19, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    Hello from Fargo,

    Can’t find an email contact so I will leave a comment and you can delete later- I moved to Fargo in the fall and dearly miss the MN Food Bloggers group. I know there are less food bloggers in North Dakota, but hopefully the numbers will increase. If there is not already a group, I’d love to see if the other ND food bloggers are interested in starting an entity of some sorts that can grow in time. They have a lot of events, networking opps, share news/info, are invited to tasting events at restaurants, etc. We could model after the Twin Cities group. Peace, Jeni (Herbalist Eats/Areavoices Fish out of Fargo, 20food.net).


  2. Posted by Lady in the Red Shoes on February 18, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    My whole purpose to start this was to get others to share their experiences in hopes that the owners and staff all read to learn about what works and what doesn’t work. My opinion is simply my own, as are many others. We all differ in experiences, likes, and dislikes. The benefits are targeted towards the owners, to prevent another restaurant to close down and wondering what exactly went wrong. So I do hope that perhaps we get more to write about restaurants. My visits are far and few between, and I do know I have my own pattern to eat at repeated restaurants, although each visit is different.

    So please, lets definitely get this going! Feel free to post your blogs on my facebook page to get it to circulate! I love reading others experiences! facebook.com/grandforksfoodie


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